Hungry Shark World Has Better Playing Features Adding To The Fun

It is back to the world of gaming swimming across the seas eating more and more to survive and also counter the adversaries. Yes, there you are with the new version of the Hungry Shark World with the new and exciting 3D graphics that is surely far better than the previous Hungry Shark Evolution.  There are also several added features in the game that the developers have added to bring in more variety and color to the settings against which it all takes place in the expansive underwater world. The game currently has a 4.4 rating which is because of some technical glitch that players experience while playing.

The latest version of the game was updated in June, and the features only keep getting better for more hungry sharks. In place of the one single world of open waters, the Hungry Shark World has three different sea settings that offer different kinds of challenges. In keeping with the different settings, the number of sharks and their species have also increased. There are also more missions to accomplish – twenty to be precise that are inclusive of the special type of prey hunt and the survival mission. You will also come across about hundreds of prey and enemies to satiate the appetite of your shark.

There is much talk about the types of worlds that the players can explore with their sharks as they span the expanse of the globe and their specialties that brings more life-like semblance to the game. The Pacific Islands are primarily holiday destinations with plenty of human prey and also some bold challenges to face by the sharks. The frozen Arctic Ocean is the place where the action deepens with the secret military bases and their mission, the submarines, and the torpedoes to bring more daring missions for the sharks. Finally, it is the Arabic Sea with it’s beautiful setting that is an allurement to complete the missions.


The new additions to the game also extends to the accessories and the in-game app shop buying articles. There are more pets to be unlocked other than the baby sharks. There are also the octopus and the hungry turtle that can be good companions to your shark. Use hungry shark evolution hack apk if you don’t want to spent your real money. There are some very interesting accessories in the in-game store that are meant to add the fun element to the game. You can make your shark more stylish, savvy and swanky by making it wear the laser beam goggles, the smart headphones, and the umbrellas to make it look more colorful.

These apart there are also some other improved features in general in the game that makes it more interesting and also easy to earn points. There is the Mega Gold Rush mode that comes when the gold rush bar is full. The letters of the word hungry are suspended in the waters of each of the world eating which will help the shark attain the super-size. This is a time when the shark can eat anything that it sees inclusive of the mines that can otherwise blow it apart. On the whole, it is pure fun time with the game.

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