Pixel Gun 3D Review Of The Latest Version Will Impress You

Switching over from the Minecraft to the Pixel Gun 3D may not seem to be an interesting option unless of course, you try it out. The new version of the Pixel Gun has surely stormed the gaming world with the high shooting experience that each player can have with several options to choose from. It is one of those high octane games that will keep you fully active and alive when you have free time in hand and want to entertain yourself in a relaxed way.

The multiple options

The lasts version 10.5.1 was last updated on 20th June 2016 and is compatible with the iOS and Android 4.0.3. and the game is meant to be played by anyone above seven years of age. It is a shooting game that can be played in either the single player or the multiple players mode. The game offers players the opportunity to play with anyone around the world and the communication during the game is enabled by the support of the live chat. There can be up to eight players in a game that can play as a team or even as a clan that are formed by people that have high ratings and experiences coming together.

Playing with attention


The developers have tried to inject a high dose of excitement into this shooting game that is not just a way of indulging in aimless shooting violence but calls for an attentive and strategic attack on the enemies. Most of the shooting arenas have the time limit of three minutes within which the enemy has to be vanquished to survive the battle. There are some other interesting modes like the Deathmatch that does not have a time limit but consists of shooting as many enemies as possible to gain maximum gems and coins. The Cooperative mode is one where you have to protect each other from getting attacked by the enemy. The Survival Mode is a test for the veteran shooters against formidable monsters and other adversaries.

Customize and play

In each of these modes, there are several options and features that the individual players can incorporate. There is the option to customize the Skin and the Cape that will give you the opportunity to show off your character to the other players. There is the interesting Story Mode where you have the chance to shoot with the best of ammunitions that you can choose from to continue a colorful plot line. There are plenty of accessories in the in-app store in the form of the latest guns and other ammunitions that you can buy to launch the fiercest of attacks.

Good rating with little flaws

The game is meant to be fast-paced and give you the advantage of quick thinking and also acting with your reflexes at the earliest. This is especially true when you have to stave off the zombie attack that always do not reach up to the full height but may crawl to devastate you. The modus operandi is to shoot at anything that is moving so that you and your clan can survive. With a rating of 4.4, it is surely an enjoyable one though some complain of not being able to get as many gems and coins as they think they deserve.



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